International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers

American Airlines Fleet Shop Stewards


Grievance Committee

Casey Burnett (2018)

Chris Lenzi (Chair)(2018)

Jon Stone (2018)


Shop Stewards

Chris Lenzi (2017)

Rodney Phillips (2017)

Tony Clevenger (2016)


Andi Beck (2016) Sama Nakiso (2016) Trina David (2016)  
Douglas Krueger (2016) Alexander Hill-Beck (2016) Dallas Ensign (2016)  
Robert Sanders (appointee) John Silvas (appointee) Kenneth Kanoon (appointee)  
Brian Harrison (appointee) Randy Konings (appointee) Josh Kelben (appointee)  



Your AGC (Assistant General Chairperson) is employed full-time to protect, defend and advance the interests of IAM Members. Among other duties, they negotiate contracts, process grievances, and organize new Members.

 Pat Rezler


  AGC: Pat Rezler

 Office Phone:   847.640.2222