International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers

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Budget One representative per carrier reviews the budget with the Local Lodge Secretary-Treasurer and prioritizes with the Executive Board, helping set the budget that is presented to the Local Lodge for approval.
Bylaws One representative per carrier reviews the Local Lodge Bylaws and language submitted for changes to Bylaws to be presented to Local Lodge for approval.
Communication Submits information to the Local Lodge Communicator to be included in the Local Lodge website and other forms of communication.
Community Service, Human Rights, & Women’s’ Rights Arranges any Community Service drives for our Local Lodge membership, looking at all aspects of our community involvement.
Education Review the requests for letters of interest to the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center and submit the list to the Local Lodge membership for approval (based on the approved budget). Design and implement with the Local Lodge Educator any Local Lodge education opportunities.
Safety Both flight and ground operations safety committees as defined in their collective bargaining agreement.
Legislative The committee is limited to no more than seven members and will provide regular reports and recommendations to the Local Lodge membership as it pertains to legislative action on the State and National level.
Teller Serves as tellers at the different elections within the Local Lodge; such as steward/committee elections, District elections, ratification votes, etc…