International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers

Executive Board

The officers include a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Secretary-Treasurer, Conductor-Sentinel and three Trustees. The officers’ duties are spelled out in “Article C” of the IAM Constitution.

 Donald Carbonneau

 President:  Donald Carbonneau

 Phone:   978-290-3098






Jeff James Vice President Vice President:  Jeff James

 Phone: 480-693-7459   or 480-463-4948






Joe Shultz

 Recording Secretary:  Joe Shultz

 Phone:   480-774-2559






Chris Lenzi Secretary Treasurer:  Chris Lenzi

 Phone: 602-549-9086





 Brian Harrison

  Trustee:  Brian Harrison

 Phone: 602-509-7402




 Abigail Manaois-Lazarte

  Trustee: Abigail Manaois-Lazarte

 Phone: 623-229-4610





Teresa Beynon Trustee: Teresa Beynon

 Phone: 801-953-6294






Demetrius Hunter Conductor: Demetrius Hunter

 Phone: 602-549-7021






 Communicator:  Jami Foster









Educator:  Cheryle Eckhardt

 Phone: 480-495-7075






 Auditor: Trina David







TBA Auditor: Bill Hopkins

 Phone: 480-797-7101





TBA Auditor: Ruby Hernandez